Musings (4)

09 Mar 2011

  • Today, I saw men on the sidewalk with giant panes of glass–which they then dropped onto the street, shattering them as if it were some slapstick comedy routine. They did not seem amused.
  • The Director’s Cut of Watchmen is not very good. Occasionally studios get it right. Occasionally.
  • Unstoppable really can’t get me to care about the movie. But I sure do love trains. Choo-choooooooo!
  • My job is to take the clever things Wes says and strip them down into 140 characters and then steal them for my tweets.
  • Asimov’s Foundation series really goes downhill. The first couple of books are excellent, but by the time I got to the last, I was utterly disappointed.
  • I don’t think that I’m a movie buff. Not yet, anyway. Maybe this is the year that I’ll manage to see all the Oscar contenders, but not if they make Precious 2. If the cool kids don’t like me for that, I can accept that.
  • Joshua Radin puts on a good concert. But he did ask us to do this whole rhythmic clapping thing for the music video and I screwed it up, so Vancouver probably won’t be in the music video. I ruin everything.