Musings (3)

01 Feb 2011

  • The ethical questions that arise from a multiverse are pretty interesting: if there’s a world where I will do the wrong thing, why shouldn’t I do the wrong thing? Solve and show your work.
  • Point Break has one of the top five best movie openings of all time: Keanu, shotguns, surfing, barrel rolls, and James Cameron was executive producer. Johnny Utah reporting for duty. This statement may later be redacted due to overexcitement at the idea of the movie Point Break.
  • I’d probably rather have been one of the Beatles than one of the Rolling Stones, but that’s because I think that the Stones all came out the other side a little bit crazy.
  • Being a hockey fan in overtime appears to cause more stress than happiness. Need more empirical data–perhaps with a team that does better in sudden death than the Canucks.
  • Apple is apparently having a dinosaur week in the App Store. I approve.
  • If I prefer Roseanne to The Cosby Show, am I racist?
  • The Social Network > True Grit < The Fighter < The King’s Speech
  • The elliptical machine confuses me a little bit. Am I running? Am I biking? Either way, the ones at my gym have iPod docks. That’s the future, everyone. iPod docks in everything!